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There Are Amazing Educators All Over the Country

We all know that there are amazing teachers all over the country. No, make that amazing educators, people who are not technically teachers and yet are incredible role models for our children by virtue of their job in our schools.

I have the privilege of meeting many of them through our LifeChanger of the Year program. And right now nominations are flowing in to beat our Friday deadline for being considered for this year’s awards.

There’s a special education teacher from South Carolina, whose kindness and one-one-one support helps her students succeed.

Or the media specialist in New Hampshire who not only makes sure to help teachers, students and staff alike, but helps collect food and clothing for those in need.

And the speech and language pathologist in Illinois who considers the towns in her school to be family, donating time, talent and money to many programs throughout the district.

As I said, amazing. It’s humbling to help honor these educators even with a nomination for LifeChanger of the Year. And by the sounds of it, our nominees are equally humbled.

“Wow! This is so exciting and I can’t wait to share the news with the students,” wrote one nominee. “This honor is for them.”

Soon, the really difficult task will begin of helping to narrow down the hundreds of nominees to the finalists who our panel of former winners and education experts will ultimately judge. We’ve got one heck of a committee this year and we are thrilled to reveal the panel with you. Just follow this link to meet them.

In the meantime, though, if you know of a LifeChanger, you’d better let us know! Time is running short!