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I nominate Kimberly Evans to spotlight for Women in the Lead. I first met Kimberly through BUILD in 2021, and as I have formed a relationship with her, I’ve been constantly impressed with her ability to be a natural servant leader. Not only does she have passion and pride for this industry, she also works hard to educate her clients and gives back to her community whenever she can. Kimberly is very involved in partnering with local councilmen and supporting underserved communities in the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex, and is a huge proponent of teaching Financial Literacy. Kimberly is the ultimate connector and will make sure you’re always connected with the right people to ensure that everyone can benefit from each other’s skillsets and set up for success.” 
— Senait Menghes, Director of Life & Annuity Operations, National Life Group

Kimberly Evans, JD, MBA is the President and CEO of Purposed Consulting, LLC as well as an EVP of Five Rings Financial. Additionally, Kimberly is currently sitting as Co-Chair of BUILD. Kimberly is a dynamic and purpose-driven leader in both financial services and in the community. As a founding member of the BUILD (Blacks Uplifted In Leadership Development) leadership team, Kimberly brings the values of Do good. Be good. Make good. to all aspects of her life.

What’s your career pathway been like? How did you get to where you are now?

I always knew I was going to be a Lawyer; it was my childhood dream. I originally wanted to practice Constitutional Law and drug legislation representing marginalized, underrepresented, and underserved communities. Soon after starting Law School, I discovered I may be a little too passionate about representing people directly; I am a little more balanced in the enforcement of rules and regulations.  I eventually found my passion in Business Law, Contracts, Regulatory Risk and Compliance.

My career started in Contract Administration, negotiating and maintaining State Contracts and RFP Management. I then moved to similar work in Logistics and Telecommunications managing large scale transactions with vendor management with accounts like the McCarran Airport (Now Harry Reid Airport). I eventually found my way to Financial Services in Mortgage Banking. I was home and have been working in Financial Services in multiple disciplines since that time. 

What do you like most about working with the National Life Group?

My favorite thing about National Life Group is the culture and the people at the company that represent the culture internally and externally.  National Life Group is not only an amazing company, it is an amazing part of the communities where their customers live.  Do good. Be good. Make good. Is not just the company values, it is their cause.

Has the industry landscape changed during your career? What have you seen?

As with all major industries in the country that grow and change based on the economy and the need of those they serve, Financial Services has been no different.  I have seen the products and services change. I have seen corporate responsibility change.  But the most exciting change for me is that more women and people of color have joined this industry and are making a huge impact in the industry and in our communities.

Is there a particular woman who has inspired you in life? 

My Grandmother, Mozelle F. Scott, whom I fondly called Grams, was the biggest inspiration and supporter in my life. She made certain that I always understood the importance of getting a good education. For as long as I can remember Grams would tell me to “get my lesson,” which simply meant “get a good education.” Grams did not know the exact path to success, but she did know that a good education was the key to getting you there and that is the success she wanted for her granddaughter. To never disappoint Grams, I made up my mind that I would not only get a good education but a great one.

And that is exactly what I did. Before turning 30 years old, I had a double major bachelor’s degree in Business and History, then went on to graduate from Washburn University School of Law and earned my Executive MBA while working full-time. This was my way of fulfilling Grams’ command of “get my lesson.” 

What advice would you give to young women who are just beginning their careers?

My advice to young women starting their career starts with encouraging them to spend time to establish their core values. Identify who you are and what you want out of your career. Then pursue opportunities that align with your core values. Do not be afraid to try opportunities until you find the right fit. Never give up on your dreams, your goals, your passion, and always be true to yourself.

I would also encourage young women to find mentors to guide them through their careers and their lives.  Not a single mentor, but at least a couple of mentors. Often times women spend a lot of time growing their careers but neglect the importance of growing as a woman. We need both.

 What leadership quality do you most admire and aspire to? 

Real authenticity coupled with honesty. For me, leadership is an ongoing growth process. Leaders cannot lead where they have not been so they must be tenacious about growth and understand being a leader is an honor, and action, not a title.

Do you have a cause or a favorite “Do good” passion?

I am passionate about people who are in marginalized, underrepresented, and underserved communities. I am a huge sports fan and love to volunteer with groups offering opportunities to these groups. 

My time is also spent in efforts around childhood hunger, poverty and lack of education, primarily financial education. Poverty, debt and lack of information keeps people for pursing educational opportunities and living a life that might otherwise be open to them.

What attracted you to National Life and what would you tell someone who is considering doing business with us?

The people attracted me to National Life Group. At that time, I did not know much about the company, but I had never met people so dedicated to the cause of National Life Group. The company cause aligns with my core values.

Any other words of wisdom you’d like to share?

Never answer a question before you ask the question. Never assume a “No.”  Make people tell you no.  Then make them tell you why the no.  But if you believe it, whatever it is, do it anyway.