Plan on Enjoying a Long Retirement

When my mom told me she was moving from small-town South Carolina to the Gulf Coast of Florida, images of alligators, Disney World and The Golden Girls danced through my head. While I knew she had worked hard to put me and my brother through college, I was quite surprised to learn her sound financial planning had been able to afford her this incredible move. (more…)

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Recent Grad Guide: How to Dress for the Office

Your hard work and years of education have finally paid off! You received your first job offer and happily signed the dotted line to become a part of the “Real World.” Now that you are ready to begin your career, keep in mind that you should look the part. When it comes to dressing for the workplace, there are typically three style personas: The Classic, The Trendsetter, The Blissfully Ignorant.


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Lessons from a First Time Home Buyer

In March of 2017, we bought our first home. I was actually surprised when I first started researching the possibility of buying a home. I, like many others, thought that I needed 20% down and that I wouldn’t qualify for a loan. One day I was getting claustrophobic in our small one bedroom apartment and decided to test the waters to see if we would qualify to get a loan. The process was easier than I expected. (more…)

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