Protecting Yourself from the “Not You”

Life moves fast: summer vacation, new jobs, moves, back to school season around the corner—it can be easy to let your guard down when it comes to protecting your identity.  At National Life, our vision is to bring peace of mind to everyone we touch. We think about this every day and wanted to share some tips to help you have peace of mind online, on-the-go and wherever life takes you.


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The Staying Power of a Promise

In an effort to help my father downsize, I was recently cleaning out some of the things he and my mother had gathered during their 50-plus years of marriage. In doing so, I came across an issue of LIFE Magazine from Nov. 5, 1945.  With a 10-cent price tag on the taped-up cover, the magazine featured a large, black and white close-up image of an American sailor sipping a milkshake with the short headline: “THE FLEET’S IN.” (more…)

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Sundry Situations for SPDAs

In my previous post about Single Premium Deferred Annuities (SPDAs), I summarized Becky’s challenge to find a financial product for her retirement money that was safe from the volatility of the market1, but with greater interest earning potential than banking and other fixed interest products. Her situation was ideal for a fixed indexed SPDA.

SPDAs serve a lot of needs and don’t get enough credit for it. One reason for the slight is that they just don’t cut through the noise of so many types of financial solutions and options. Faced with too much choice of anything, we all tend to tune out most of it, often at the risk of missing some very good ideas.  (more…)

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