Honoring Women’s History Month

Since Women’s History Month was established in roughly 1975, March has become a time to acknowledge the accomplishments, courage and strength of women from around the globe who are actively fighting, or have fought for equality. To a woman in 2019, just short of 30 years old, and working in an industry that is predominantly dominated by men, the month of March has become something sacred. (more…)

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Communities Where You Least Expect Them

When we think of our communities a few things pop into mind. The local coffee shops. The postal office and fire department. The grocery store down the street and our friends next door. These are people we see day in and day out and typically take some time to build the relationships that form our communities.

Communities can also show up in places where you least expect them. In the summer of 2016 I started my first internship with National Life. About a month in, I went to my doctor on a Friday and found out that I had a tumor. I had been sick before with the flu or a common cold, but I was not ready for this. It was a month before I turned 21, I was in my first apartment paying rent and looking to start my career as a young professional, and I had cancer. (more…)

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