Mallorie Manosh

As director of corporate marketing initiatives, Mallorie manages National Life’s educator recognition program, LifeChanger of the Year. She believes she has the best job. Each year she gets to honor hundreds of educators across the country and promote their positive stories, ultimately selecting 10 award winners at the end of the program cycle. In addition to LifeChanger, Mallorie supports other Do Good corporate marketing initiatives like the Do Good Tour and sponsorships.

She’s a native Vermonter and shares her time outside of work with her husband, one year old son, German shepherd, Siamese and four chickens. Mallorie enjoys traveling, gardening, volleyball, Vermont summers and home-improvement projects. But, who has time for any of that with a toddler?


School Nurses: LifeChangers Now More Than Ever

National Life’s K-12 educator recognition program, LifeChanger of the Year, has announced that its 2021 Fall Spotlight Award will honor School Nurses. Nominations are now open at

The role of the school nurse has expanded exponentially since March 2020. While there’s no doubt that these employees have always played a critical role in the school, now more than ever their role requires Herculean effort; their impact is LifeChanging, likely even life-saving.


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