How to Beat Back to School Stress

Back to School time is extremely hectic, not just for kids, but for parents too. It requires a transition from laid-back, easy-going schedules to regimented structure and lots and lots of activities. It’s no wonder that 55% of parents are stressed out about the back to school season. I certainly am no exception. I dread the hectic back-to-school pace, but there are a few things that help me make the transition less stressful. Hopefully these tips can help you and your family make the return to school a little less crazy too. (more…)

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A Purpose Behind Planning

Everyone in their lifetime goes through periods of significant loss and this year has been one of those for my family.  We have lost close family members and dear friends as well as acquaintances.  Looking back over the year, we lost someone just about every month and sometimes more than one a month.

Some had lived a very long fulfilling life, others were just starting their life journey. (more…)

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