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My Favorite Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day can be tricky. There can be a lot of expectations – on both sides, on celebrating the big day of Love. One of my most favorite gifts was this letter my husband wrote to me.

Dear Honey,

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and as I’m sure you’ve figured out, it’s not my favorite holiday. It’s nothing to do with you–you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me! But, every time I turn around there’s some jewelry commercial telling me to buy you a diamond or whisk you away to some tropical paradise for the trip of a lifetime. That’s not really either of us, but I do want you to know how special you are. What’s a guy to do?

Ok–I know what not to do. I never want to re-live the day I gave you a blender for Christmas (still sorry!)  It seemed like a natural since you like smoothies so much.  Inviting the guys over for your birthday, in hindsight, also didn’t work out the way I envisioned it.  Luckily, I have done a few things right. You still tell our friends about the time I met you at my cousin’s party. You had a headache, and I drove 15 miles back to my apartment to get you some aspirin, and bring it back for you. I guess I knew that first day that you were “the one.”

So, I still have this dilemma. I want you to know you’re the center of my life.  I’m a horrible cook. My gift ideas are, admittedly, hit-or-miss. Mostly, those little things aren’t really sufficient gestures. I see us growing old together.  When we see the old couples walking down the street, holding hands, we say “Hey – there’s us in 30 years!” And that’s not a bad thing for either of us. What do I give you that says, “I’m in this forever, and I couldn’t be happier about it?”

I’m nothing if not a problem-solver. Not your favorite trait when you’re telling me about your day, but it comes in handy when the garbage disposal is broken. But then I realized that I’ve given you something already–my life insurance policy. Granted, it’s also a selfish gift–I couldn’t live with the thought of you being alone, and also financially insecure. I’d never drive a car again. So, it brings me comfort when I drive to work each day-that no matter what happens, you’ll at least be taken care of financially. It’s a promise I make every month when I write the life insurance premium check that no matter what–I will be there for you. My plan is to be there to fix the wheels on your walker, but if the worst happens, I need to know that finances will be the least of your worries.

I will honor the plans we made to retire, travel and educate our children. I will honor your fiercely independent spirit by making sure you never have to ask anyone for money. I do this because I love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart!

P.S. We’re still going to dinner, though.