A Purpose Behind Planning

Everyone in their lifetime goes through periods of significant loss and this year has been one of those for my family.  We have lost close family members and dear friends as well as acquaintances.  Looking back over the year, we lost someone just about every month and sometimes more than one a month.

Some had lived a very long fulfilling life, others were just starting their life journey. (more…)

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A Gift That Will Last a Lifetime

I still have Jack-o-lanterns on my porch, and I just received a stack of catalogues in the mail telling me about the hottest gifts for the holidays.  It seems like too much, too soon.  And for many, the months of November and December are filled with far too much.  They are filled with too much food, too much hoopla, and too much spending.  In fact, it is estimated that the people of the United States will spend $2,875,000,000¹on Thanksgiving Dinner Food in 2016.  (That’s right, we’re going to eat almost $3 BILLION dollars.)  But, that’s nothing.  It’s literally a drop in the year-end spending bucket.  It is estimated that Americans will spend a whopping $52 BILLION² on holiday shopping between Nov. 1-Dec. 16th. (more…)

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