Jenna Simanskas

Jenna is a marketer, writer, traveler, artist, maple sugar maker and beekeeper, but her “official” title is Director of Business Development for Equity Services, Inc. Over the past 16 years, she has developed a deep range of experience in the financial services industry, and she brings that big picture perspective to all aspects of her job.

Jenna is fortunate to live in a beautiful, small Vermont town with her family. The landscape, her family, and her work inspire her every day.

Equity Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC, is a broker/dealer affiliate of National Life Insurance Company.


The Benefits of a Beneficiary Review

Who’s your beneficiary?

One of the most important annual financial reviews you can do for yourself is a beneficiary review. Unfortunately, a lot of people only connect beneficiaries to large amounts of wealth, and consequently they neglect an important—and highly personal—component of their finances. If you own something that is important to you, chances are you have an opinion on who you would like to receive it after you’re gone; so write down your wishes and make it official. (more…)

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What Is the Cost of Waiting to Save?

Do you think that you’re too young to start saving for retirement or for a career change? There are a lot of excuses for pushing your retirement savings off the priority list–Costofwaitingtosave “I’m too young to worry about retirement,” is a common excuse.

You may even think, “Why bother? I’ll never be able to retire.” Well, if you don’t put a retirement savings plan in place, you’re probably right.

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