Soon to or Recently Retired? Helpful IRS Publication

shutterstock_143519002The IRS recently published and updated a version of its “Life Cycle series” called “Tax Guide for the Retiree.”  This guide is just a couple of pages long and answers some fairly typical tax questions that are faced by retirees.  You may have asked one of these questions yourself.  For instance:

  • What differences are there in reporting my retirement income and income during my work career?
  • What types of income are taxable?
  • Why is my pension income taxed?
  • Tax withholding and estimated tax payments.
  • How do I determine how much of my social security is taxable?

…as well as many others.

The publication number is 4190 and you can download the publication from the IRS website at:

Whether you’re already retired or are thinking about retiring–take a look.  I think you’ll find this resource helpful.


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