It’s Not Too Late to Do a SEP

People grow up in America dreaming big. They want to be their own boss. There will always be those who shun the 9-5 job and who are drawn by the potential of starting their own business, and who can blame them. With the markets in unchartered waters—hello, DOW 20,000—it demonstrates that sometimes big risks reap big rewards. Any successful, profitable business at year’s end ultimately faces the same realization…tax time. (more…)

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Check Your List and Check It Twice – A Year End Financial Checklist

It’s the holiday season and your schedule may be filled with parties, cookie making, and spending time with family and friends.  But you better not pout, you better not cry, we’re telling you why.  While Santa Claus is coming to town this month; in a few short months so is tax-time.  Read our year-end financial tips that might help keep you off the naughty list come April 15th. (more…)

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Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Finances & Your Life

Who doesn’t love the onset of spring? There is something truly joyful about the dark ground giving way to green sprouts and brightly colored buds. It is almost impossible not to feel the need to start fresh and anew with unfolding of this bright and shining season. So, we all begin the Spring Cleanse.

Whether that cleanse is a thorough top to bottom scrubbing of your home, a reassessment of your health and wellness or the re-calibration of your finances, there can be deep satisfaction and deep value in going through this process on an annual basis.

Here are a few tips to help you get started on your spring cleaning activities. (more…)

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