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Here’s How LifeChangers Spent Their Summer

We’ve been fortunate over the past five years to build a strong network of more than 2,000 school employees who have been recognized through our LifeChanger of the Year program. These are school employees who are making powerful and positive differences in our schools – and in our future generations.

Each year we honor these LifeChangers. We’re currently accepting nominations through the rest of the year. Our goal is to celebrate these employees, share their stories with the world and ultimately reward 16 with cash prizes. Do you know one? Nominate him or her here.

Because we value our relationships with these LifeChangers we reached out to them to see how they spent their summer “break.” And let me break it to you, summer vacation isn’t just a stroll down the beach. Here’s how they responded:

summer_survey-results w.disclosure