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7 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

The winter months can be very long, especially if you live in the northern climates. Whether you enjoy the winter weather or not, there is plenty to do to keep busy during the chilly months. Here are a few suggestions to make those long weeks fly by faster.

1. Get Outside

For those that enjoy the winter weather there is sledding, skating, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and snowshoeing. Getting our in the fresh air can boost your energy too.

2. Sister Sleepovers

Pick a night when it’s going to be cold and stormy. Invite the ladies in your family to have a sister sleepover. Have them bring their pajamas and something to add to the menu. When you all gather, assign everyone something to fix or help with to complete the evening meal. Throw down large pillows or a few blow up mattresses. Grab your food and drinks and have a night of movies. Record some of your favorite shows ahead of time and watch them that night. Have a movie mania. Make it an annual tradition.

3. Brother Barbecues

Again, watch the weather and pick a decent day. Gather all the men in the family and have a bonfire. Cook hotdogs or burgers over the flames. Include large hot pots of beans or pasta. Pull out the sleds and slide down a hill. Have some friendly challenges and paint tennis balls or frisbees red and throw them at targets. Just enjoy each other. Everyone will look forward to it if you host it every year.

4. Cousin Card Games

Call the cousins, set a date and choose a house or garage. Set up some small tables and have card games. Plan a pot luck and let everyone help out. Put snow in the coolers and have adult beverages. Collect $5 from everyone and choose teams. Have revolving games of poker, pitch or cribbage. Let the winning couple split the pot. This is a good way to catch up on the family gossip, have a good meal and just enjoy the evening.

5. Friends Follies

You can’t forget the friends in your life. Gather them all together for appetizers and drinks. Plan some group games that everyone knows. Pick up a new board or card game. Be unique and invent your own. Just have fun. It’s important to keep in touch.

6.  Treat Yourself 

If you prefer to hibernate there is reading, cooking, knitting and movies.  Try a new recipe, craft or make time to finally watch that growing movie list of yours.

7.  Set a Personal Goal for the Winter

Organize your closets, work on that project you’ve been putting off, totally tear apart your basement and rearrange it. Make a project list for the summer, plan your gardens, your vacation, or arrange your photos. You could even plan your purchases for the holiday and birthdays for the coming year. Go for a walk and just keep busy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly the daffodils will bloom.

The leaves have fallen; the trees are bare.

It’s dark and dreary; there’s snow in the air.

The days are short; we’ve lost the sun.

Let’s plan to gather; let’s have some fun.