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Food Trends: What’s the Buzz with Plant Based Eating?

Gluten-Free products may have had the spotlight in the 2010s, but it’s the plant-based products that are taking the stage as we enter 2020. The conversation around climate change is raising awareness while the old – myths of lower physical performance based on levels of protein are being diminished. You’ve seen the ads, featuring major companies competing over who has the best plant-based burger. There are also waves of professional and Olympic athletes who are singing the praises of plant-based eating through social media and on the news. So, what is all the hype about? Is it for you?


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7 Ways the Woodstock Generation Can Tackle Rising Healthcare Costs in Retirement

A half century ago this month, 450,000 young fun-seeking 20-somethings gathered on the grassy hills of a Bethel, NY, dairy farm to share “3 Days of Peace & Music.” No one imagined it could happen. But it did. Now into their 70s, much of the Woodstock generation shares a less celebratory cause along the theme of “Many Years of Retirement & Healthcare Costs.” (more…)

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Looking at Childhood Hunger Through a Different Lens

My colleague, Christina, recently volunteered at a local elementary school where she helped stuff food into backpacks for children who are struggling with food insecurity (lack of access to nutritious food) and hunger. She told me she was chatting with a school employee who shared how grateful the kids were to get this food for weekends. She then told Christina that a 5-year old came to school shaking, he was so hungry. (more…)

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