Rick Ryan

Rick is a writer within the marketing department at National Life Group. A former journalist, he now focuses his craft on financial and investment topics such as market insights and industry trends.

Rick is a Registered Representative of Equity Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC, One National Life Drive, Montpelier, VT 05604, 800-344-7437, a Broker/Dealer affiliate of National Life Insurance Company.


Not Something You Want, But There If Needed

Life insurance with “living benefits” can help in tough times.

Ironically, this overview of life insurance benefits designed to improve the quality of your life may take on a slight morbid tone in places. But bear me out.

This is about the ins and outs of living benefits,1 which are features available on many permanent life insurance products that give you access to death benefits or cash value while you’re still alive.


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Go Forward, Not Backward With Indexed Universal Life

In October, we passed the 90th anniversary of “Black Tuesday,” the ruinous stock market crash of 1929. 

The financial industry has come a long way since then. Human psychology has not. We still worry about market downturns. On the other hand, financial professionals remind us that it should be just as worrisome when our assets earn less than the rate of inflation.

This is how indexed universal life insurance (IUL) is proving its resolve well beyond its primary mission to provide tax-free death benefit protection.[1] It can help protect the assets in the cash value as well.


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7 Ways the Woodstock Generation Can Tackle Rising Healthcare Costs in Retirement

A half century ago this month, 450,000 young fun-seeking 20-somethings gathered on the grassy hills of a Bethel, NY, dairy farm to share “3 Days of Peace & Music.” No one imagined it could happen. But it did. Now into their 70s, much of the Woodstock generation shares a less celebratory cause along the theme of “Many Years of Retirement & Healthcare Costs.” (more…)

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