How do you Do Good in your community?

I have a hunch a lot of us think quite a bit this time of the year about how we support nonprofits in our community.Exec volunteer

After all, many of us just finished our taxes and wondering whether we’ve remembered to include all of the charitable donations we’ve made over the past year.

But there’s more to supporting important causes than merely writing a check or offering up our credit card number.

There’s also good old-fashioned labor.


I’m reminded of this because this is National Volunteer Week, which is designed to inspire volunteerism, encourage others to give of their time and recognize those who already have.

Earlier this month, a team of National Life Group executives, led by CEO Mehran Assadi, spent the morning packing food at the Vermont Foodbank for shipment to local food shelves and other agencies. They ended up boxing 5,648 pounds, which equates to 8,500 meals.

I’m not on the executive team, but I went along and helped. I’ve been to the Foodbank a couple of times and gone on other volunteer outings, taking advantage of the company’s offer to spend as much as 40 hours a year of paid time volunteering.

You come away feeling like you’ve really made a difference to a nonprofit agency that’s important to you. And it’s also nice to work with folks who aren’t normally part of your team, to get to know more about them personally and what they do back in the office.

So, I hope even more people will be inspired by National Volunteer Week this year. Find the nonprofit that most represents your value. And Do Good in your community.