Memorial Day always gets us to thinking about our veterans, the sacrifices they have made and how we should honor their service.HonoringthosewhoserveiStock_000040863136_Sml

It’s appropriate and fitting, of course, to set aside a day to remember those who never returned from wars and conflicts in defense of their nation, and to thank all of the country’s veterans.

But a number of companies, with the help and support of the military, are trying to do more – and not just at Memorial Day, but throughout the year.

They become involved, for example, with an organization known as Employee Support for the Guard and Reserve, which supports the continued service of their active employees in the National Guard or the Reserve.

Companies also actively recruit among military veterans not so much for a particular skill set as much as for the mindset they bring, a dedication to values and to hard work.

National Life is active on both fronts and counts many veterans among its employees. More than a year ago company executives signed the charter of the Military Advisory Team, which works to strengthen the company’s dedication to veterans even further.

An Internet search produces plenty of results about the benefits to companies of hiring a veteran. Some of the common traits attributed to veterans are the leadership skills that they bring with them, their sense of responsibility, a can-do attitude, and a commitment to hard work.

So as we think this Memorial Day about the sacrifices of veterans past and present, we can continue to honor the future of veterans with a shot at a job and a career.