LaborDay parade

Honoring Laborers on Labor Day

The original notion behind Labor Day – to honor the hard work of the American laborer – resonates as much today as when the holiday was first conceived in the 19th century.

The work force itself has certainly changed pretty dramatically.

The laborers we’re honoring this weekend are as likely to be working in front of a computer screen as they are on a big factory floor.

But the values of Labor Day are still very much rooted in Main Streets across the country.

We still believe that a day’s work deserves a day’s pay, that initiative and ingenuity are worth rewarding. And that it’s worth taking a moment here at the end of summer to reflect on the people who make the whole enterprise hum.

There will be a lot of picnics and barbecues across the country, even some parades and festivals, over this long weekend to mark the transition from summer to school and autumn.

But let’s hope that families take a moment to reflect on why we have this day off and to offer a word of thanks to everyone who helped to build the great American workplace.