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Take the #PaperPlateChallenge! This year, due in part to the coronavirus pandemic, 13 million children nationally – 1 in every 6 kids – may not know where they will get their next meal. But you can help! For every use of the #DoGoodFeedKids hashtag this November and December, National Life Group will donate $1 to food banks in our home states Vermont and Texas up to $50,000—that’s enough for 150,000 meals!

Here’s how to take the challenge:
1. Write with a marker on a paper plate something you are grateful for this holiday season.
2. Take a photo or a video of yourself holding the plate and share on social media.
3. In the caption (and in the video, if you’re up for that), say that:
a) I’m taking the #PaperPlateChallenge!
b) I’m grateful for ________. Here’s why _________.
c) Unfortunately, 1 in 6 kids may not know where they will get their next meal this holiday season. Here’s how I’m going to help: (commit to donating your time, money, or food to a local or national food bank).
4. Tag three friends, family members, or colleagues to join you in the challenge
5. Make sure to include the hashtags #DoGoodFeedKids #PaperPlateChallenge #EndChildhoodHunger