Bicycling Is About Fitness, Fun And Even Mental Health

Bicyclists are a dedicated bunch, willing to ride miles and miles in occasionally unpleasant conditions on often dangerous roads shared with trucks and cars. We love it.

My own badge of courage from my two-wheel ventures dates back, well, longer than I’m going to admit.

I had friends who were living in Alaska at the time and I thought it was an ideal reason to visit. They both had to work during the week so I signed up for a fully supported, weeklong bike trip.

We loaded onto a train in Anchorage and headed up to near the entrance to Denali National Park where we got off and started the ride toward Fairbanks.

From Fairbanks we headed south and, over two mountain passes, made our way to Valdez and Prince William Sound. I no longer remember how far we rode, but I think it was around 300 or 400 miles.

It was spectacular, despite riding up one of those passes in rain that turned to snow (in June, by the way), camping outside at a time of the year when the sun never sets, and actually having a bird dive-bomb into my head. And you wondered why we wear helmets, didn’t you?

So what’s my point? Well, there really is one. It’s that bicycling, despite its occasional dangers and discomforts, is so relaxing and fun and healthy, both physically and mentally. I always feel better after a ride, even on the worst days.

It’s great to work for a company that supports bicycling through its charitable foundation, is recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as bicycle friendly, and supports important charitable causes through its affiliation with the Harpoon Point to Point Presented by National Life Group.

We even installed a bicycle maintenance station outside our building recently to encourage even more riding, either for fun or for commuting.

So keep an eye out for us on the road. A lot of our team members wear cool green jerseys. We’re the ones that say Do Good Team!