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Winter Style Tips

Unless you live in sunny Southern California or South Florida, right about now you are preparing for a dip in temperatures. With that dip comes a slight wardrobe change. For some in further northern latitudes that slight change is more drastic. When it comes to winter style tips, you can live by three rules: stay color neutral, layer when possible and invest in some nice boots. Follow me as I explain why winter is my favorite time of the year.

Winter is the time to pull out the earth tones and neutral colors. The darker the hue, the more appropriate. Spring is the time for bright, vibrant colors, while winter is the opposite with the occasional brightly colored accessory. Navy blues, grays and browns are the way to go for winter style. You can even add forest green to that grouping for an additional option. Typically around this time clothiers are trying to unload their inventory, so the odds are in your favor to find something you’re going to like at an incredible sale price. So that’s the base of the wardrobe, let’s explore the compatible options.

Layer not only for warmth, but also to complement your outfit. A scarf is your best friend in the winter, whether male or female. I’m a big fan of skull caps and beanies to keep my head warm and add some additional colors to my overall look. Earlier I mentioned using the accessory to add the occasional bright color, well here’s your chance. When purchasing a new sweater, break your comfort zone. ‘Tis the season for puffed vests and stripe patterns. Add a shawl collar cardigan, v-neck sweater, or pullover fleece to your collection that allows you to comfortably wear a shirt and tie underneath, if necessary. Just like a good lasagna, layering your clothing can add the toppings that bring it all together.

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We’ve talked about the colors and the layers, but add a pair of boots to the equation to make your look memorable. If you’re not aware, there are different boots for different occasions. A pair of knee-high boots for a lady can equally complement a sweater dress or skirt as a distinct finishing touch.


For a gentleman, a pair of Chelsea boots or monk strapped ankle boots to complement your suit can make your work meeting more about your footwear and less about your presentation. Those are just a couple of boot options, don’t hesitate to explore further.

Now that you’re fully equipped for the winter, let’s recap what we’ve discussed. First, make sure you go for the more subtle colors compared to the bright vibrant colors. Second, layer, layer, layer. Finally, top (or bottom) it off with a nice pair of dress or casual boots to your liking. Don’t just make the outfit, make it memorable.