Time Flies, So Enjoy Each Moment

How could this happen?

kids  soccerI’m looking in the mirror through the eyes of a youthful 22 year old. Mentally I am still at the beginning of my life, with the world at my feet. My wife would tell you that I still act like a child, or that I should stop acting like one anyway. How can it be that when I look in the mirror I see what I see?

How can it be when I get up that things hurt that never hurt before? How could it be that while in my mind I’m 22, but when I look in the mirror it’s actually me…I’m 50!

Wow…there I said it. If I didn’t write it out, I wouldn’t even believe it.

They say time flies when you are having fun. Well then, I’ve been having a heck of a lot of fun. As I celebrate the 31st anniversary of my 29th birthday, I recall that my grand plan was to not get married till I was 35, be a professional skateboarder or hockey player; whoever saw the Miracle on Ice in 1980 knows what I mean. That was the plan, and what a plan it was. But the best part of that plan is that it never occurred. I met the love of my life at 22 and never looked back. It truly was a “certs” moment (look it up on YouTube).

Where am I? All of a sudden I am living in Florida. How did I wind up here, why is it so hot? Then these little gems came into my life, it took longer than we planned for Cassie, and then faster than we planned for Daniel. And we wouldn’t have wanted it to occur any other way. Life really didn’t begin until I had a new name…Dad. Wow. I wish I could change my name to Dad, Daddy, Pops it never gets old.

Whoosh… that is my sound effect for time whipping by. Boom…now I’m in New Jersey, you can’t beat good job relocation. One day I’m standing on the sideline of a soccer match, next thing I know I am filming High school graduations and packing boxes for college.

And oh yeah, the career, then the sudden and abrupt change, health scares, a new job. Kids are healthy and doing well in school. The Mrs. is doing well, after 27 years she is more beautiful to me than ever. And me? I look in the mirror and think…how this could happen….but I’m glad it has.

If you read this far, thank you. The best advice I can give you is to take the time to pay attention to all the small things…..because they are actually the biggest of all. So take a moment to slow down and appreciate each day and each memory in the making. Experience life to the fullest and protect what matters most.

I hope to bring you more insights through the eyes of a dad in the coming weeks and months.

What was that honey? Stop acting like a child?….never!