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He Said. She Said. Ways to Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and could be the opportunity to try something new to express your love, perhaps something a little unexpected. Here’s one man’s and one woman’s view on the day.

What’s an ideal Valentine’s Day for you?

HE: These days, just being with my bride and spending a day together doing something we both enjoy. Of course, good food that someone else has prepared.

SHE: A romantic dinner with my sweetie at home. He is an incredible cook, so I know the food would rock. If there were no budget constraints, we’d fly to Paris for a few days and start the day with a fresh croissant and end it in a small bistro on the Left Bank with a stellar bottle of French wine.

What’s a favorite Valentine’s Day memory?

HE: How cool it was when my kids asked me to be their Valentine! As is with most young parents, time together was scarce, and so was the energy to want to do anything. Our two little cherubs had given us one of those GIANT Hershey Kisses. So, we sat down with a bottle of wine and peeled back the silver foil and passed it back and forth like an apple! Truly, it was one of the best times ever.

SHE: A heart shaped cake made by my Mom when I was 13 that said, “Happy Birthday to My Almost Valentine” (my birthday is February 13). I still have the photo and I was beaming with unbridled enthusiasm for my pink-colored cake.

What will a Valentine of the future look like?

HE: It may not be what St. Valentine was thinking, but I can see holograms. And if they can somehow come up with an experience of being indulgent without all the calories and cholesterol, I’m in! And, do away with cards and send a BitMoji instead!

SHE: There will be two extremes: there will be pure virtual valentines…visualize a couple of telepresence robots on a date and the real people are actually in two different cities, but their robots are both in New York talking at a café in the East Village. The other extreme would be an existential retreat to Walden Pond to rediscover nature and each other–no electronics allowed.

This may be a little out there, but have you ever thought about life insurance as a unique Valentine’s gift?

HE: Well no, but I feel that every day you should be doing things to show how much you care for those around you, not just on Valentine’s Day. One of the ways I express my love to my family is by having life insurance since it will allow me to show my love after I’m gone.

SHE: Not exactly. But some of the best valentines don’t have ribbons and bows; it’s really about knowing when someone cares about you. Life insurance is like that. It doesn’t come in a fancy box, but it’s an incredible gift to receive that is given with love.


Whether Valentine’s Day is a favorite day of yours or not,  rethink how you express your love on this day and every day. It may just make all the difference to your loved ones.