Faces of the Field | Andrew Nida

In a marketplace where Millennials are re-writing the playbook about social and corporate values, Andrew Nida of Atlanta is already ahead on the scoreboard.Andrew Nida

Andrew’s outlook on social and corporate responsibility is a reflection of the values he learned as a young child.  As an adolescent and teen, Andrew worked alongside his parents as they traveled to third world countries to serve as missionaries. This experience gave Andrew a unique perspective on purpose and life.

“I work hard to live and lead a humble-servant based life; as a husband, father and business owner. I spent time with families and children that lived a life under what I would conclude as the worst conditions. They not only survived, but lived with an element of joy and companionship. The resiliency I had the privilege to witness in those communities and families has given me something to aspire to both in my personal and professional life.”


Andrew has also served his community as a former firefighter/A-EMT for six years.

He is currently a Partner of Empire South Financial in Atlanta. Andrew works with people to help align financial solutions to their goals, dreams and values.  The financial services industry provides a similar platform to serve while offering solutions for individuals and families. Finding this work very meaningful, Andrew states, “Having a plan and a trusted advisor allows families to spend more time on what matters most.”

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