Maddy Dickinson

Maddy Dickinson

Maddy is a recent Middlebury College grad who is brand new to National Life. She is part of National Life’s inaugural Rotational Leadership Development Program class. As part of the program, Maddy will rotate through several different areas of the business to gain a broad overview of National Life. She is currently doing a rotation on the marketing team, using her Chinese language skills to help create a multicultural marketing strategy for NLG.

A New England native, Maddy loves spending time outdoors hiking and appreciating the four seasons of Vermont. She has a passion for music (a former radio DJ in college) and baking, and enjoys giving herself luxe facials (she is a skincare enthusiast!) in her free time.


College Application Tips from a Recent Grad

As the leaves start to change and the weather cools down, many start to think of the impending winter season arriving. To high school juniors and seniors, late fall also has another connotation: the imminent arrival of college application deadlines. As a recent college graduate (and a tour guide), I’m very familiar with the stresses of the process. Here are some tips that I learned throughout the process of applying, and working on the admissions side, that should help make the journey to college easier.


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