Beth Rusnock

As President of the National Life Group Foundation and Assistant Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Community Relations for National Life Group, Beth gets to meet and work with remarkable people who do good in their communities every day. She also has the opportunity to develop and manage marketing programs that build the National Life Group brand across the country.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Beth lives in Vermont with her two teenage daughters, rescue dog and very patient husband. Every year she impatiently waits for summer so she can grill outside, watch the hummingbirds and pretend she’s athletic by walking or riding her bike along the hilly dirt roads.


Looking at Childhood Hunger Through a Different Lens

My colleague, Christina, recently volunteered at a local elementary school where she helped stuff food into backpacks for children who are struggling with food insecurity (lack of access to nutritious food) and hunger. She told me she was chatting with a school employee who shared how grateful the kids were to get this food for weekends. She then told Christina that a 5-year old came to school shaking, he was so hungry. (more…)

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Heart Disease Is A Silent Killer For Women

Many people refer to the culture at National Life as one of family. The genuine caring and interest we have for one another is obvious, especially when a crisis situation arises. Recently my colleagues Terri Carlyle and her sister-in-law and fellow National Life employee Mona McCain shared their niece’s story with me, bringing attention to a silent killer. Here it is in their words. (more…)

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The Gift Is in the Giving

Today is Giving Tuesday. I’m not exactly sure who came up with the idea but personally, I feel conflicted. On one hand, it’s great to have a focused day to remind everyone that they should try to give back. On the other hand, I wish every day was a day of giving, that it was built into the fabric of who we are. But many of us are busy and we forget. Or maybe we don’t think what we can give would make a difference.

Well, think again.


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