Bryan Pritchard

A native of New Jersey, Bryan is a diehard sports fan and loves competition. At National Life Group he is an advanced sales consultant where he helps business owners tackle their planning challenges and address their needs.

Born to play devil’s advocate, Bryan enjoys looking at things from different perspectives which allows him to gain a better understanding of the whole picture.


9 Tips to Save for Retirement the Modern Way

When I talk with friends and colleagues about retirement, the term “retirement” doesn’t have the same connotation it once had. Different people, from different generations don’t have the same long term financial goals. Many 30 year olds have watched their parents work their hands to the bone in order to put together enough money for retirement, which for most consists of living out their twilight years as they choose. That lifestyle is not as appealing as it once was. Something changed. Younger generations don’t want the same life as their parents; they want to spend more time, at a younger age enjoying life. Regardless of what “retirement” means to you, in order to truly be able to live the lifestyle you desire, you’ll need financial independence to do so. (more…)

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It’s Not Too Late to Do a SEP

People grow up in America dreaming big. They want to be their own boss. There will always be those who shun the 9-5 job and who are drawn by the potential of starting their own business, and who can blame them. With the markets in unchartered waters—hello, DOW 20,000—it demonstrates that sometimes big risks reap big rewards. Any successful, profitable business at year’s end ultimately faces the same realization…tax time. (more…)

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2017 401(k) & IRA Contribution Limits

As I’ve gotten older (and wiser!), a lesson I learned early in life has really started to influence my financial decision making: the earlier I save, the more time my money has to grow. The concept isn’t overly complicated. Everyone knows the earlier you save, the better. The problem most have–myself included–is following through and putting money away for the future. But now that I’ve had a steady paycheck for a few years and have been focused on saving, I’m able to witness the growth in my account and I’ve got to say…I love watching my money make more money! (more…)

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Help Business Owner Clients Drive Toward a Secure Financial Future

Last winter when I brought my 1993 Toyota Camry in for its annual inspection, it passed, but just barely. I was told it would make it through winter, but I better start looking for a new ride. Although I was sad that the car that had been passed down from my grandfather to my brother and then finally to me would no longer be the car that chauffeured me to and fro, I was excited at the prospect of buying a new car! Due to the reliability of my Camry (and my desire to drive it into the ground– if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!), I had enough money saved up to actually buy a new car. (more…)

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