Amanda Farrell

Amanda Marie Farrell is passionate about learning and motivating others to make a difference. To her, showing up is more than just a physical act, it’s a lifestyle, and an imperative part of being successful as a community member, family member, friend and above all a working professional. Amanda’s always been a natural leader, someone who wasn’t afraid to step outside the box or reach for something she was told she couldn’t have.

In 2011 Amanda graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art & Marketing making herself the first in her family to receive a 4-year college education. She then went on to manage art galleries, train sales professionals, and act as a project manager for one of the largest marketing firms in Massachusetts, helping develop some of the most popular packaging and brands that are recognized today in homes around the globe.

Today Amanda works as a New Business Case Manager for National Life Group, working to deliver outstanding service to our business partners.


Honoring Women’s History Month

Since Women’s History Month was established in roughly 1975, March has become a time to acknowledge the accomplishments, courage and strength of women from around the globe who are actively fighting, or have fought for equality. To a woman in 2019, just short of 30 years old, and working in an industry that is predominantly dominated by men, the month of March has become something sacred. (more…)

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