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170 Years of Wisdom in Five Lessons

When the markets are in turmoil and the financial headlines send consumers reeling and brokers kneeling, it’s the reminder for us all to pause and remember some lessons that history has taught us.

At National Life, we can speak from our own experience because we’ve been in business for over 170 years, and we’ve continually learned from the past as we’ve built our future.


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The Staying Power of a Promise

In an effort to help my father downsize, I was recently cleaning out some of the things he and my mother had gathered during their 50-plus years of marriage. In doing so, I came across an issue of LIFE Magazine from Nov. 5, 1945.  With a 10-cent price tag on the taped-up cover, the magazine featured a large, black and white close-up image of an American sailor sipping a milkshake with the short headline: “THE FLEET’S IN.” (more…)

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