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There Will Be More Than Football Magic In Miami This Weekend

There’s sure to be some incredible football when the 49ers and the Chiefs square off at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami this Sunday.

Some of us were certainly pulling for a different matchup but, we’re still looking forward to a great game. There surely will be plenty of magic going on in Miami this weekend. And that magic, by the way, happens every day far from Hard Rock Stadium and the downtown high rises.

The real magic happens in places like Overtown, the neighborhood just northwest of downtown Miami.

That’s where you’ll find the Sundari Foundation’s Lotus House, an innovative shelter for mothers and their children that believes in big dreams too – just like us. They believe in ending homelessness.  They are “where hope blossoms.” That’s where we’ll be focused this weekend.

Instead of partying in the sky boxes at the stadium or spending millions for 30 seconds of TV fame at halftime, National Life will be doing what it does best: An unexpected bit of Good.

How? By feeding the hundreds of moms and their children who are putting their lives back together at Lotus House village.  The families who are guests at Lotus House are working hard to turn their lives around and to give their children a fighting chance in this world.

They don’t often have an opportunity for a party, let alone some time to just stop, sit down, relax, play.

So National Life decided that a community like this, virtually and figuratively in the shadows cast by the big party at the stadium, needed some attention. We called up the dedicated people who administer Lotus House every day and asked what we could do to make the weekend special for them.

We were told that sponsoring a meal always makes a big difference. Considering that there’s a lot of celebratory eating going on in Miami this weekend, it made sense to us to do our part. We’re providing breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday, an estimated 1,700 meals. It means Lotus House has a few more resources to throw a party on Sunday during the big game.

This might be unexpected for a financial services company like ours. But we don’t see a lot of return in putting our name on the side of a stadium or spending incredible sums to get our name on television.

Our company is built around nurturing relationships, not just among our clients, but also in the communities where we live and work and play.

Our corporate values – Do good. Be good. Make good. – are not just words on a wall. They are part of who we are informing how we show up in the world.  

They shouldn’t be ours alone. Corporate America can give so much back to build stronger, more vital communities, from Overtown to Coconut Grove, from Little Haiti to Miami Beach.

We invite you to join us and do a little unexpected good in your corner of the world.