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170 Years of Wisdom in Five Lessons

When the markets are in turmoil and the financial headlines send consumers reeling and brokers kneeling, it’s the reminder for us all to pause and remember some lessons that history has taught us.

At National Life, we can speak from our own experience because we’ve been in business for over 170 years, and we’ve continually learned from the past as we’ve built our future.

Five Lessons We’ve Learned

  1. Stay focused and grounded.  What keeps us grounded?  Staying focused on our mission of keeping our promises and our vision of bringing peace of mind to Americans across our country.  Just like the pioneering spirit of our founders, we remain independent.  We haven’t wavered from being a mutually held company because we believe that we can serve our customers, agents and employees best when we can make decisions that aren’t based on the mood-swings of Wall Street.
  2. Keep a pristine balance sheet.  What does that mean to you?  If you think of assets and financials like the food you eat, we manage our balance sheet like someone who is eating really healthy, exercising and living a well-balanced life. We avoid “financial fast food” like highly risky investments that could be trendy today and look good in the short-term — but might be unhealthy down the road.
  3. Values trump trends.  It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon when something is trendy.  We’ve learned that our values have carried us forward.  Our values of Do good.  Be good.  Make good. guide us through tough times as we support each other; and let us celebrate and support the people and non-profits in the communities where we live and work.
  4. Build relationships that last for generations.  Trust is earned every day.  From the first claim that we paid in 1850, we knew that trust was core to who we were and who we would grow to become.  As we’ve grown to over 26,000 financial representatives around the country, we continue to nurture that trust and build relationships that will stand the test of time and last for generations.
  5. Take care of people and they’ll take care of you.  Companies talk a lot about culture. And when we are challenged, we see the true culture show up. When people feel valued and respected, they bring their best selves to the table and they shine no matter what. Our business results are no accident. Behind every number are the people who have been our secret sauce since 1848…and who will carry us forward for the next 170 years.

National Life Insurance Company was founded in 1848.  Life Insurance Company of the Southwest was chartered in 1955.

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