Help Business Owner Clients Drive Toward a Secure Financial Future

Last winter when I brought my 1993 Toyota Camry in for its annual inspection, it passed, but just barely. I was told it would make it through winter, but I better start looking for a new ride. Although I was sad that the car that had been passed down from my grandfather to my brother and then finally to me would no longer be the car that chauffeured me to and fro, I was excited at the prospect of buying a new car! Due to the reliability of my Camry (and my desire to drive it into the ground– if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!), I had enough money saved up to actually buy a new car. (more…)

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Executive Benefits for the College Football Season

College football season is upon us! This is a great time of year to be a fan as teams get ready for another season and run for the national championship. And it may be the best time of year to be a Duke fan, because we’re still undefeated! There’s so much to be excited about right now, with players across the country working to get in shape, learn the playbook and get acquainted with new teammates. At the same time coaches are preparing their team and staff for the grueling college football season, but for those coaches the stakes have never been higher. (more…)

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Addition By Subtraction

As we strive to grow and develop a successful career, oftentimes our minds go to asking what we need to “add” to ourselves to be better—what industry designation or production level do I need to achieve; what selling system do I need to learn; what product do I need to add to what I offer a client?

What is interesting is that seldom do we ever look within ourselves and ask the opposite question—what do I need to “subtract” from who I am in order to grow and develop. What do I need to subtract from my own behaviors? What toxic business relationships do I need to subtract? (more…)

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