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We’re Helping Students Stay In School

I love my job.


Why? I get to promote the good our company does. And trust me, that keeps our whole team busy. A fair amount of that good happens through National Life Group’s Foundation through grants we give to nonprofit organizations. Sometimes we have to decline grant requests, which is difficult, but often we approve them, allowing organizations to expand or improve their programs.

So far this year, we’ve received almost 100 requests for donations through our Foundation. One recent grant request stood out, though, and for good reason.

Communities in Schools Dallas Region (CISDR) asked for support of the programs they provide to at-risk students in Dallas area schools, an area like many others that experienced state and federal cuts to education. Here at National Life Group, we read many comments through our LifeChanger of the Year program about how challenging it is for many public schools to provide vital programs. CISDR embeds help in schools that have limited resources to address issues like drop-out rates, gang activity, suicide prevention and parental involvement.

While these programs are exceptionally important, there are a few things that made this organization shine.

  • Proven work: CISDR was founded in 1985 and while longevity doesn’t ensure success, our expectation is that it allows for analysis of what works and what doesn’t.
  • Proven metrics: Speaking of analysis, we want to know that our money is going towards effective programs. CISDR tracks metrics and holds itself to measureable standards.
  • Maximizing dollars: Not long after we approved the CISDR grant, its leaders shared that they were able to stretch the money we gave them and rather than supporting three schools, they would be able to help four schools and a total of 670 students.

CISDR is an example of an organization that is a good steward of the money we give. Foundations and individual funders want to know that our money is getting put to good use. And when that happens, I love my job even more.