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Plan on Enjoying a Long Retirement

When my mom told me she was moving from small-town South Carolina to the Gulf Coast of Florida, images of alligators, Disney World and The Golden Girls danced through my head. While I knew she had worked hard to put me and my brother through college, I was quite surprised to learn her sound financial planning had been able to afford her this incredible move. (more…)

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9 Tips to Save for Retirement the Modern Way

When I talk with friends and colleagues about retirement, the term “retirement” doesn’t have the same connotation it once had. Different people, from different generations don’t have the same long term financial goals. Many 30 year olds have watched their parents work their hands to the bone in order to put together enough money for retirement, which for most consists of living out their twilight years as they choose. That lifestyle is not as appealing as it once was. Something changed. Younger generations don’t want the same life as their parents; they want to spend more time, at a younger age enjoying life. Regardless of what “retirement” means to you, in order to truly be able to live the lifestyle you desire, you’ll need financial independence to do so. (more…)

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