Getting Ready to Send Your Child to College

Anyone who has ridden a rollercoaster can distinctly recall the “click, click, click” sound as the car climbs to the top of the first and largest incline. Instinctively, the rider knows they are about to defy the laws of gravity for few a seconds of sheer terror and exhilaration bundled into one sensation. Riding that rollercoaster is a lot like preparing to send your child off to college for the first time. (more…)

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Interns Volunteer to Do Good at Vermont Foodbank

When a company has a cause, the enthusiasm can be infectious. That’s the case here at National Life Group, which has a broad cause that matches our corporate values: Do good. Be good. Make good.

As an example, National Life hires a few dozen interns every summer. One of the primary goals is to give them a peek into what it’s like to work in the corporate world. For us, a big part of what we do is to give back to the community. (more…)

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8 Reasons to Study Abroad

In two years, I will walk across a grand stage, in front of hundreds of people, along with 1,500 of my friends and classmates, shake a few hands and receive my college diploma. I will graduate with a B.S. in Business Administration, a concentration in Finance and a minor in Global Studies. Great… but what do all of those unnecessarily long titles really mean? How am I going to be different from the other 1,500 students graduating with me? And what will I have to show for this $120,000 piece of paper. My answer to that: globalized experience. (more…)

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Thinking of Going Back to School? Advice for Adult Learners

Last fall, I made the decision to return to school and pursue my MBA.  As someone who has been in the work force for some time and out of college for many years, this was not a decision I made lightly. Work-life balance is hard enough, but adding the equivalent of a part time job on top of everything else was sure to be challenging. I’m fortunate that National Life offers an excellent tuition reimbursement program, so the main investment came down to my time and commitment to personal and professional development. As my colleague Mary Putnam has recounted in the past, “If you’re not green and growing, you’re ripe and rotting,” -Ray Kroc. (more…)

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4 Ways to Save For Retirement While Paying Off Student Loans

This article was provided by the Indexed Annuity Leadership Council.

The most common budget dilemma for millennials: knowing you need to save for retirement, but also knowing you have student loan bills rolling in.

While it can be tempting to simply pay off your college debt and skip saving for a retirement several decades away, prioritizing paying off college loans can end up hurting you in the long run. (more…)

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