Ann Cookson

Ann has offered administrative support to a variety of National Life Group business areas, including Career Distribution, Talent Acquisition and now has roots in the Financial Management Group.

Before joining National Life, Ann worked as a Community Relations Coordinator for an ATOD Prevention Coalition, an assistant regional manager/trainer in the automotive industry, and helped transform the family auto repair business.

Words are a passion for Ann that whenever possible, she has woven into the context of both her personal and professional pursuits. An avid reader of the classics, historical fiction and anything tied to leadership keeps her perspective fresh. She adamantly believes that both reading and the physical act of handwriting are inextricably linked to critical thinking.

When not writing, Ann enjoys time with her family (including two elderly dogs), swimming, baking, kayaking and life at the lake. She and her husband built the house in which they now live, and are currently on their second build. Ann has a hand in all aspects of the building process; yet, is quick to offer she does not help with anything electrical! And therein may lie a story…


Getting Ready to Send Your Child to College

Anyone who has ridden a rollercoaster can distinctly recall the “click, click, click” sound as the car climbs to the top of the first and largest incline. Instinctively, the rider knows they are about to defy the laws of gravity for few a seconds of sheer terror and exhilaration bundled into one sensation. Riding that rollercoaster is a lot like preparing to send your child off to college for the first time. (more…)

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