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Thinking of Going Back to School? Advice for Adult Learners

Last fall, I made the decision to return to school and pursue my MBA.  As someone who has been in the work force for some time and out of college for many years, this was not a decision I made lightly. Work-life balance is hard enough, but adding the equivalent of a part time job on top of everything else was sure to be challenging. I’m fortunate that National Life offers an excellent tuition reimbursement program, so the main investment came down to my time and commitment to personal and professional development. As my colleague Mary Putnam has recounted in the past, “If you’re not green and growing, you’re ripe and rotting,” -Ray Kroc. (more…)

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4 Ways to Save For Retirement While Paying Off Student Loans

This article was provided by the Indexed Annuity Leadership Council.

The most common budget dilemma for millennials: knowing you need to save for retirement, but also knowing you have student loan bills rolling in.

While it can be tempting to simply pay off your college debt and skip saving for a retirement several decades away, prioritizing paying off college loans can end up hurting you in the long run. (more…)

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A Guide to Student Loan Repayment Plans

A college degree today is what a high school diploma was in the 1950s. Having one is like having the secret password to open the golden door of opportunity. It’s no surprise that the costs of higher education have steadily risen over the past several decades and continue to do so. While parents bear some of the burden for their children’s education debt, they aren’t the only ones struggling. 77% of former college students1 with education debt wish they had planned better for repaying their student loans.


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How to Save for College

Every parent wants success for their child. There can be no better payment for the years of sleeplessness and Dora the Explorer you’ve endured than a college graduate with multiple job offers and signing bonuses thrown at their feet. But before you arrive at that dream, you need to first figure out how to pay for it–higher education that is. While it may feel like a Herculean effort at times, there are methods that successful savers consistently use to reach those savings goals. (more…)

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