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Should You Be Considering A Special Needs Trust?

Parents of a child with special needs know that when it comes to their day-to-day activities, nothing comes easy. Caring for a child with a disability can add complexity to even the most simplistic everyday tasks that are often taken for granted. Tasks such as feeding, grooming, toileting and bedtime routines can be extremely challenging and time consuming. Late nights and early mornings are typical. If your child suffers from a potentially lifelong disability, that means not only do they need help today, but they will potentially need ongoing assistance with these activities for life. Parents like to think that they will be able to help their children forever, but in reality that’s just not the case. (more…)

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How to Plan for the Unique Needs of Your Family

Life can change in a moment.  One day my family became a family with a special needs person.  I had been out of the country (and at that time relatively out of touch without cell phone connections) and arrived home to hear increasingly troubled voice mails. “Call your brother.” “Call your brother the second you get home.” “Call your brother at the hospital!”


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