Faces of the Field | Mara Hoover

Meet Mara Hoover, a former residential general contractor who has never met a glass ceiling she couldn’t shatter. Singularly focused from an early age with entrepreneurial drive and ambition, Mara is the definition of the Millennial Hero generation.

Drawn to the financial services industry after devastating financial losses in the Great Recession, Mara has made it her mission to help others protect their loved ones and gain financial literacy and competency so they can live an empowered life.


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For My Dad, My Toughest Sale. Happy Father’s Day.


Although a special day is upon us, I feel like there doesn’t need to be one, because to me, every day is Father’s Day.

We all would like to say we look up to our dads. In my case I literally looked up to mine. He was 6’4”, 210 pounds and had a silver mane of hair that I hoped to inherit, but alas genetics dictated that was not to be.

In my last blog I talked about how being a father was such an honor that I wished I could change my name to Dad. Unfortunately, as proud as I am of being a dad, I don’t get to say, “Hi Dad” or “Hey, Pop,” anymore. My kids also have one less guy to call Grandpa. And as we come upon Father’s Day, none of us get to see or call him and say, “Happy Father’s Day.” That’s because I lost my Dad to throat cancer when he was only 57. (more…)

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You’re a Life Insurance Agent Now



Congratulations – as a life insurance agent you now own your own business. Although you may be affiliated with an agency, you are responsible for your paycheck and job security. If you do your job well, being an agent can be a very rewarding and lucrative career, if you don’t, you may find yourself out of business.

If you approach your sales like a business owner, there should be no reason for you to fail.  As a business owner your focus should be on those activities that will make a profit for you and you should have – and follow – a business plan to accomplish this.

The three areas your business plan should focus on is time spent:


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