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Still Looking For A Holiday Gift For A Teacher? Look No Further

The holiday season is well under way. But chances are you still have a laundry list of people to shop for this season, possibly even for a favorite teacher at little Johnny’s school.

Well today is your lucky day because I am going to let you in on a little secret – it’s called LifeChanger of the Year and we have a special holiday promotion going on. I promise I am not selling anything. In fact, it’s just the opposite. We’re helping hundreds of people say, “Thank you,” to their favorite school employees by giving the best gift … appreciation. It’s sweeter than dessert, is calorie-free and doesn’t cost a thing.

Our annual LifeChanger of the Year program strives to recognize and rewards teachers and school employees all across the country who are making a positive difference. And each holiday season we do something a little extra special.

When you nominate someone during the holiday season – from now until January 1, 2016 – your nominee will receive a special gift that includes a LifeChanger of the Year nominee travel mug and a personal note of appreciation from you. If you’re the parent of a student, you might consider having your child participate in creating the message.

This is in addition to all of the normal “stuff” that goes into each nomination, including a profile featured on, a press release promoting the nominee and school, a celebratory package mailed to the nominee’s principal and social media announcements to boot. Oh, and did I mention the chance to win $10,000?

I’ll leave you with one last note. Here’s what one of our winners had to say:

“Last year on Christmas Eve, I sat in the quiet of my apartment reading all of the comments parents, students, and teachers left on my nominee profile page,” said Susan Turner, a 6th Grade World History Teacher and former LifeChanger of the Year winner from Hollywood, Florida. “The comments are the best gift I have ever received.”

Happy Holidays!