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Fall in Love with Your Retirement Savings Plan

Finding your soulmate and saving for retirement actually have a lot in common. Both can be intimidating, require careful planning and lead to some nerve-wracking decisions. However, making informed steps in both scenarios can leave you feeling happy and secure.

Fall in love with your retirement savings plan with these helpful tips:  

  1. All you need is love…and a diversified retirement portfolio. Share the love by including products that help balance your portfolio. The moderation of risk and potential reward can make fixed indexed annuities a key component of a balanced financial plan.
  1. Love at first sight can happen, but isn’t always sustainable. Try setting short-term savings goals before diving head first into your retirement plan.
  1. Everyone wants a love that will last a lifetime. No different with wanting income for life. By adding a fixed indexed annuity, you can help generate guaranteed* lifetime income.
  1. Go “steady” with your retirement plan by setting up automatic payments. These consistent monthly or weekly automatic transfers will also help you steer clear of unnecessary spending.
  1. What’s not to love about a future trip with your sweetheart? Monitoring lifestyle expenses can really help you save. Use our retirement calculator to keep your savings on track.
  1. Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love. Add your employer’s retirement plan to your portfolio for extra support. Some organizations may even match their provided retirement plans, like a 401(k).

Say, “I love you,” by saving for your future.


*Guarantees are dependent on the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.