Mehran recropped

Clearly, Our CEO Is On To Something

Companies with good leadership have to improve all the time to survive. It’s just as simple as that.

But how can be a challenge. How do you continue to make your products better? How do you make sure that the operation is as efficient as possible? How do you ensure that your customers are getting what they need?

The short answer is through leadership.

There need to be leaders in the enterprise who think about these things and implement improvements.

Our CEO, Mehran Assadi, believes very strongly that improvement is a personal attribute that can carry over to the company and its products. It’s a big part of his personal cause and he has made a part of our cause as a company, as well.

We were pleased to see that notion reinforced recently when columnist Louis Efron wrote a column on about Mehran’s focus on continuous improvement.

Forbes used National Life and Mehran as a case study in how a relentless focus on improvement, both personal and enterprise-wide can make a huge difference.

The entire column is definitely worth reading, but Efron’s conclusion is also worthy of sharing here:

“Above all, Assadi treasures his quiet moments of reflection,” Efron wrote. “He knows that those Sunday mornings make him a better leader and ultimately make National Life stronger. His stellar results support his assertion. National Life Group’s insurance sales have doubled since 2011, its customer base has grown from 796,000 in 2014 to 843,000 in 2016, and the face value of its life insurance policies just exceeded an historic milestone of $100 billion—$20 billion of it added in the last two years. He is one of the top-rated Glassdoor CEOs, with a 98 percent employee approval rating.”

Insurance sales figures based on combined results of National Life Insurance Company and Life Insurance Company of the Southwest. Customer figures based on consolidated results of all National Life Group companies.