The Price of Success

At a recent gathering, I spoke to Will, a local small business owner.  Will and his uncle have built a very successful diesel repair business, they specialize in heavy equipment.  I asked how their year had been.

Will was excited over the level of growth they had that year.  They took on a large contract with Caterpillar, along with their existing client base, “it set them up pretty”, to quote Will.  They hired two additional diesel repairmen and expanded their shop adding two additional repair bays.  I asked if they had spoken to a financial advisor lately – his response was, why would they?  They are doing great. (more…)

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Understanding Interest Crediting and Indexing

It’s nearly impossible to meet with a financial professional today and not hear about indexing–whether it’s a fixed indexed annuity used to help accumulate money for retirement, or a fixed indexed universal life product that provides valuable death benefit protection for your family or business. Indexed products can play an important role in helping you accumulate money for your future goals with the valuable protection* of not losing any money because of the volatility of the stock markets.

Sound too good to be true? Let’s break it down. (more…)

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