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Wishing You A Bountiful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday, a time of the year that my family and I cherish.

Like so many people all across the country, Thanksgiving for us is a day about gratitude, of course, but also a day about family and friends.

Holidays can so often be weighted down with unfulfilled expectations and obligations. But Thanksgiving is an exception, just an opportunity to show up as you are and take it all in.

There will certainly be plenty of hustle and bustle in the weeks to come as all of us prepare for the holidays that follow. Thanksgiving, though, transcends religion and politics to bring us together as families and as a society.

Over the years in my family, we’ve developed many traditions around Thanksgiving.

There’s always a turkey, of course, although we’ve experimented several times with how we prepare it – oven-roasted, deep-fried, smoked.

It’s always good, but it’s better with the great variety of food that comes along with it, whether it’s what we’ve come to think of as traditional or the creative mix of traditions from different cultures, which is what we typically have.

Another tradition that we’ve adopted for Thanksgiving is greeting cards. We send them at this time of the year rather than later in the holidays because they’re more distinctive and we’ve come to learn more appreciated. Our list has grown into the hundreds now.

I always pick a unique greeting for the cards that reflects my family’s particular joy at this holiday.

It expresses our gratitude for the bounty of the season, and a wish for a prosperous new year. It is my wish for you.