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‘Twas the Week Before the Holidays

‘Twas the week before the holidays

And all through the house

The wifi’s on overload

Ugh…I just spilled “hot cocoa” on my new work blouse.


The tree was up and

The lights were strung

The presents were bought

And the wrapping was done.











The stockings are somewhere

Maybe up in the attic?

My husband’s working overtime again –

I’m trying to be empathetic.


Cookies are baked

In-law’s gift are bought

I’m trying to do yoga

But it seems like a long-shot.











Everyone was outfitted

In their holiday best

No filters were needed

For this Instagram quest.


Then what to my

Tired eyes should appear

Than an email from my advisor

To kick my finances into high gear.

Year-end deductions and

Charitable giving

All to be balanced with

A rising cost of living.


As she mentioned

Adjusting my life insurance protection,

In the hallway mirror

I caught my reflection.











Framed by holiday lights

With kids in the background,

I had a brief moment that was

Nothing short of profound.


The cookies, the music

The shopping and toys,

Suddenly became

Nothing but noise.


For right in front of

My very eyes,

My priorities

Began to crystallize.












Toys come and go

Electronics are outdated

But a solid financial plan…

I’m suddenly motivated.

I quickly tallied up

The holiday spend

And made an appointment with my advisor

To go on the mend.


It’s easy to get caught up in the rush

exhausted from the grind

But this year will be different

Because I’m gifting peace of mind.

Protecting the financial future

Whether I’m here with you or not,

Is a responsibility I take seriously

It’s no longer an afterthought.


My hope and dream for you

Is for a life of happy times,

But sometimes things happen

You can read between the lines.


If I am no longer here

To provide for your needs,

A plan is in place

I’ve planted the financial seeds.











So sweet dreams little ones

Of sugar plums and fairies,

I’ve taken care of the big stuff

It’s time to be merry!