What is Your Retirement Savings IQ?

While many Americans believe they’re retirement savvy, the average baby boomer has trouble answering even simple retirement questions. New survey data from the Indexed Annuity Leadership Council’s Retirement IQ Study shows folks between 52 and 70 years of age have a significant gap in retirement knowledge, resulting in little action toward securing their golden years. (more…)

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How to Live a Life You Love

Many of us struggle to find balance in our lives and often feel like we could have the life we love if only…. And the “if only” list can sometimes be long! But living a life you love is about acceptance, having emotional and financial support systems in place and the belief that everything will turn out OK in the end. (more…)

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Finding Your Own Financial Freedom

Debra Patterson was a single mom with three kids; she was a woman who was “looking for a way out.”  She left an abusive relationship searching for a better life and a way to support her family. The words:  “If you leave me, you’ll never make it,” drove her to succeed and ultimately to find her passion. While she was busy helping other people protect their futures, she reinvented her own. Here’s Debra, Managing Director, Summit Advisory Group, in her own words.


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