How Converting Term Life Insurance Helped One Family

My colleague, who grew up in the insurance industry, was a true believer in the value of life insurance. Her husband really wasn’t.  John was much older than his wife and was confident that her successful career and investments would take care of her if anything ever happened to him. Don’t misjudge, he loved his family, but he just didn’t see the need for life insurance.


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Life Insurance for New Parents

Congrats, you’re going to be a parent! There is so much to look forward to, learn and enjoy. As a fellow expecting Mom, I’ll guess that you are probably in “get it done mode”— staying busy getting baby supplies, decorating the baby’s room, lining up daycare, and cleaning all sorts of random places in your home you’ve never cleaned before and possibly never will again. So before that little bundle of joy arrives, and consumes all your love and attention (and rightly so), take a moment to check one more important item off your baby-prep list: make sure you have life insurance. (more…)

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Do You Have A Will?

Last year, I picked up a recreational hobby that provides tremendous fun and enjoyment, but I knew it also introduced a certain amount of risk into my life. As a result, I made a deal with myself that this would be the catalyst for the much-needed task of getting my affairs in order. I knew how important it was to do, but it was also something I had been putting off for a long time. Sound familiar? (more…)

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