Kathy Robinson

Kathy is the former director of content marketing at National Life and is often described as equal parts left brain and right brain. A creative writer who always approaches her topics as an advocate for the reader—Kathy asks the probing questions, presents the answers in a fair and balanced way and then applies real language so everyone can understand even the most complex topics.

After spending over 30 years in financial services sharing her expertise, Kathy now enjoys the warmth and sunshine of Florida with her family.



A Purpose Behind Planning

Everyone in their lifetime goes through periods of significant loss and this year has been one of those for my family.  We have lost close family members and dear friends as well as acquaintances.  Looking back over the year, we lost someone just about every month and sometimes more than one a month.

Some had lived a very long fulfilling life, others were just starting their life journey. (more…)

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How Converting Term Life Insurance Helped One Family

My colleague, who grew up in the insurance industry, was a true believer in the value of life insurance. Her husband really wasn’t.  John was much older than his wife and was confident that her successful career and investments would take care of her if anything ever happened to him. Don’t misjudge, he loved his family, but he just didn’t see the need for life insurance.


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Life Insurance…One More Way to Bring Peace of Mind

The WinnerRecently an associate shared with me his experience of purchasing life insurance on his children. For any parent who is considering this, it can be very emotional.  Hopefully, by reading this article, you too can experience peace of mind.

At first thought, buying life insurance policies for our children when they were 12 and 15 felt like the right thing to do. Buy it now when it’s very affordable; add the rider option that allows you to increase the protection as they grow up, without additional underwriting would be a great asset for them to own in the future.


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