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How To Get Your Financial Affairs in Order [Checklist]

Last September, my Grandfather passed away. He was an extremely organized individual at the young age of 96. I thought to myself, yes, Gramp is prepared and will have everything in order to make it easy on the family if something were to happen. Oh, how wrong I was! Once we started going through the house looking for all the necessary documents, we soon found out that nothing was in order and the emotional roller coaster began. Now, ten months later, I am hoping things are finally complete.


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When Did I Become a Ham on Rye? | Tips for Living Independently In Your Golden Years

I have aging parents. But I don’t have children. Am I still considered part of the “Sandwich Generation” or does lack of one slice of bread put me in some type of gluten-free land? My curiosity got the better of me so when in doubt, surf the net.

Turns out I still qualify as a part of the Sandwich Generation. According to the website, “The Sandwich Generation,” authored by Carol Abaya, M.A., I am what is known as an “open-faced” sandwich. (Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up folks.). So now I know there is a catch-phrase for my situation but it doesn’t change the fact that I have a responsibility I would prefer not to have.
Helping aging parents is tough. (more…)

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