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How To Get Your Financial Affairs in Order [Checklist]

Last September, my Grandfather passed away. He was an extremely organized individual at the young age of 96. I thought to myself, yes, Gramp is prepared and will have everything in order to make it easy on the family if something were to happen. Oh, how wrong I was! Once we started going through the house looking for all the necessary documents, we soon found out that nothing was in order and the emotional roller coaster began. Now, ten months later, I am hoping things are finally complete.

Here is a booklet to help you, as well as your loved ones, get all of your affairs in order in case of a health crisis or death.

Start locating the information below, then use this booklet to compile & save this important information in a secure location. Be sure to tell your loved ones where it is.

Your DOB & SSN:

Contact information for:

  • Spouse/Partner:
  • Children:
  • Parents:
  • Close Friend/ Neighbor:
  • Hospital:
  • Doctor:
  • Dentist:

Property Owner(s):

Other properties:

Extra keys to Home(s) /Vehicles:

Vehicle info: (make, model, license plate #, driver’s license #)

Password manager: (i.e.,

Computer location:

Computer password:

List all banks: phone# website,  account #

Safe Deposit Box: where, and what’s in it

Credit Cards: phone, account #

Mortgage/Home Equity: phone, account #

Car Payment: phone, account #

Personal: phone, account #

List all investments: phone, website, account #

Financial Advisor: 


Policy #:





Food, allergies, medications, etc.

Benefits Manager: name, phone

Employer 401(k): name, phone

Employer provided life insurance:

Supervisor at work: name, phone

Name, website, account #

Retirement plans at previous employers:

Auto:  Rep: ____________________ /phone:                           Policy #

Home:  Rep: ___________________ /phone:                           Policy #

Life: Rep: ____________________ /phone:                             Policy #

Social Security

Military/ VA Benefits


Will/Executor Info:

Funeral Home:

Place of worship:

Burial plot/cremation wishes:

How many death certificates:

In retrospect, I should not have assumed my Grandfather had everything in order. A word of advice, don’t be afraid to have this discussion with your loved ones. You will be glad you did.

Rich Marsden contributed to this article.